The Yuwie Experiment

Post Title. 01/02/2008

Well it is two days into the New Year and two days into "The Yuwie Experiment". I now have 5 referrals that have made a total of 27 page views.

The goal of The Yuwie Experiment is to see if Yuwie is as viable as some have stated and if it is really like mySpace but where you can get paid.

I will say I like the Yuwie site and it is put together very well with the ability to make blogs, join clubs and communicate with friends.

I will continue to update on our Yuwie experience as we go and you can get more information or join the Yuwie experiment by clicking the link on the homepage or just Click Here



    Former MySpacer that has joined the new social networking site Yuwie to see if it can live up to the billing of a MySpace type site that pays their members for participation.


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